Week 9- Superpower, Super You

Boon or a curse?
I looked into the mirror confused with no clue
I could still see the mark on my body, faintly blue.
“Here’s your coffee, Alfred” she said with a wonderful smile
“She’s so sweet” I thought and held on to that thought for a while

But reality came to my senses
I need not stay here any more and take chances
I could see the city I was going to; so vast yet so tiny from above
Accompanied by a bevy of my fellow doves
I looked into the water reflection with no clue
I could still see the mark on my body, faintly blue.

I reached just in time for the first day of my new job
“For a first timer, you’re a pretty smart girl, Monica” said my boss bob
“I've had several jobs so Ism used to it” I mumbled
I blankly stared to the monitor screen, my mind still jumbled
I still had no clue
But something has to be found by my body mark, faintly blue.

I swam underwater; the ocean was so deep
I hung around with some turtles swimming so lazily, half asleep
can this be my new home?
But the mark on my body won’t leave my lost mind alone.

My life is a puzzle with no answer
I blindly jump from here and there, like a prancer.
From place to place I searched all along
Bits of past memories keep coming to me, everything felt so wrong
A man, A woman, an animal or a bird, I've tried all I could be.
I'm a shape shifter who has lost its identity.

-Vignesh VK
FE, SIES Graduate School of Technology

"With great power comes great responsibility"- a quote which is at the fingertips of any comic freak teenage kid today. So if I had to choose a superpower would I love to pick a fantasy, comic book superpower? Of course I would, they're badass. But the problem is most of them just aren't practical. Flying wouldn't always be that useful, nor would having claws, or a bone-structure comprised entirely of an indestructible metal alloy, and accidentally becoming an overgrown, angry green monster from time-to-time would be a tremendous drag on my sex life. Swinging from building to building on spider webs is just not dependable. Not many of us can afford a few Audis, a Bentley and suit that doesn't take damage at all. This is REAL LIFE, people, not the movies, if I had any one of the aforementioned powers I wouldn't be called upon to save the world; I'd be using them for next to nothing. At most I'd save a few bucks on air travel or spend all of my time trying not to get agitated something I don't excel at. Being practical, mutation is just not possible. So that rules out a lot of people from the X-Men. Most notably: Storm, Rogue and the kid who can light a bulb with his hands. The power I would want is psychic. In Harry Potter, there was a certain quote by Snape in which he said that the mind was a book and that Potters mind was open for the Dark Lord to access. If I had this power I could warn people about misfortunes and then tell them "I told you so" . Winning at Roulette or Blackjack would be a piece of cake . Also being psychic is the nepotism of all superpowers. How cool would it be to bend a spoon with just the power of your mind? Though I may end up with a headache with all the constant bending. Hence I can say the sky is the limit of my powers. 

-Chaitanya Ramji
FE, SIES Graduate School of Technology


I woke up this morning and BOOM, everything was extraordinary. I looked outside the window. The sun was 149,600,000 km away, with the a dark cloud far away to the south moving at an average speed of 40 m/s which would take 18 minutes 22 seconds to reach here resulting in rain after 20 minutes 03 seconds. Digesting such a surprise, I took my phone in my hand to see new notifications. I had got a new message from my professor reminding me to mail the assignment on quantum mechanics, he told me to do a week ago, which had not even started. In no time, I opened the email app and started typing at a speed of 460 words per minute, and finished it in 5 minutes. 

As the day passed, I did extraordinary things one after the other. At night when I was returning from an ice-cream shop, I saw three hooligans on the road holding sticks and knife harassing a kid. Out of nowhere, I picked up a stone, and threw it at 7m/s in 2i+4.67j+1.8k direction. The stone hit the eye of one hooligan causing his stick to flinch toward the other one hitting him on the neck, which caused the knife in his hand fall and penetrate the right foot of the third hooligan. The kid there ran away as soon as he saw the three lying on the ground screaming. I was amazed as much I was scared. I just started walking back home. I decided to take the online IQ test and found it to be 277. Astonished by such a result, I went to bed. The day was full of surprises and extraordinary acts. I fell fast asleep. 

The next day I woke up being as normal I am today. I really missed that one-day-superpower and I thought of every possible way I could use that power if it comes back once more. I would design useful machines, create alternate energy sources such as antimatter, bring out solutions to eradicate poverty, bring world peace, and primarily, fight evil and crime the way I did that night.

There is no superpower superior to Intelligence. Intelligence is the key factor that made us Humans becomes the number one species amongst 9 million. And if one achieves it more than other Humans, He will only be superhero if he chooses to use it the right way, else a super villain doesn't take much time to form.

-Aniket Raje
FE, SIES Graduate School of Technology

I was 7, I saw a kitten stuck on a tree moaning not able to get down, I couldn't watch it suffer so much so I tried climbing up, I couldn't help but notice every time I did so I felt I want to be able to climb up.
I sought for someone’s help nearby, but everyone seemed busy nobody cared much for the kitten either. Tears streamed down my face I was heartbroken.

That was the first time I ever felt how helpless I am. How weak I am, and that was the first time I ever thought if at all I could fly, I would have easily helped the scared kitten down.

I was walking down the street, it was a peaceful morning everything was serene, I somehow grew an affinity towards it, and I still remember the tranquillity of that morning, up until I saw a crow lying down the path.
I stopped I looked down and observed it, something was wrong. It wasn't moving, it was so still, almost as still the serenity of that morning. It was at peace. And then after I saw carefully did it come to my senses it was being eaten by other insects, its blood all over the ground, it was dead. And why was it? Because some people were hitting stones at poor crow, just for the fun of it.
That was the first time I ever encountered death.

And I hoped and prayed and wished so much that I revive it somehow. If at all I could gain back life. Revive any living being.
I was sitting still in my class doing my work and my friend came crying, I never saw her cry so much in entirety, I tried to calm her down, make her stop crying. One look at her face and I felt the pain, the anguish, the embarrassment that she suffered, she was molested. Molested being a kind word for it.
That was the first time I felt so hopeless.

I wished I had the power to make my friend forget what happened, erase that memory from her mind. Bring her at peace, help her live her life again, like nothing happened.
Oh I wished, but then again I was helpless.

All my life I wished and hoped for certain powers, for all my life I felt helpless, dependent, and needy. 
Having the powers that I wished for would only make things better for me I thought.
But then I thought, it wasn't enough now was it?

All these instances painfully remind me of the harsh cold fact that the world as a whole have been robbed off of its humanity.

There was nothing I could do. Humanity itself was doomed; rising to power is not enough to bring repercussions, regret or remorse.
The only superpower we as humans were given, which was our birth right, is well not substantial any more.
If we couldn't keep our one true superpower we were blessed with, how can anyone entrust us any other superpower we wished for?

-Haripriya Iyer
Editor-in-chief, Scintilla Weekly
FE, SIES Graduate School of Technology

# The Superhero Claims Free
Every day, every night.
They're dependent on my might,
Weak, pitiful samples of mankind,
With nothing but fear in their minds.

I have been the savior, the messiah for too long,
Seen how the world went wrong,
The heroes are less and villains are more,
There’s a widening gap between the rich and the poor,

People are becoming more conscious of themselves,
And losing their conscience for everyone else,
The Seven Great Sins are increasing in number,
The adversary takes advantage of their blunders.

I have become tired of trying,
To save them from grace,
But now I see them dying,
As a conceited race.

Now the world shall exist without me,
I being the biggest adversary of them all,
Cleanse the world of all the undoings,
And the pleasure of watching all fall.

-The Forgotten Eclipse


I want to play god.
Yes, face it. At some point of your life you might have come across that thought.
Why wouldn't you want to be an omnipresent, ever powerful, feared entity?
Someday when you feel everything you have come across with have been unfair, anger, loath, rage is all inside you. And all you think is if at all I would play god.
I would not have to wait in traffic when I could easily transport.
I wouldn't have to carry an umbrella or get wet in the rain; I could easily change the weather with a snap in my finger.
I could easily punish a person cutting a queue which probably is the most annoying thing ever.
I could even possibly be fairer to the world, which everyone maybe sick of as it is.
I could punish the offenders, the hoodlums running around or even the bullies.
Who wouldn't love to seep into a person’s deepest darkest thoughts, manipulate the one who is a major pain in the ass? Or even kill him with no one to blame you. Why would I be blamed for after all I am god?
You could be invincible or choose to be invisible.
All that you wished for would be granted to you in a blink of an eye.
You could make or break things between anyone. You could be a bitch and no one could point a finger at you. Ah how blissful your life would be.
Not be at anyone’s beck and call, you’re a free bird.
Responsibilities? What of that? When I could do anything I want why would I bother to be responsible?
I can feel the pleasure in taking one’s life away, wouldn't that be interesting?
The thrill of being ominous, and feared. Wouldn't that be exhilarating?
And then I saw myself in the mirror.


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